Hello! I’m Istiko Rahadi, I am a digital product designer– Currently living and working in Singapore with my wife.


I have been working in advertising, digital agency and startups for over the past 10 years. In those years, I have been working from different variety of medium: TV Ads, print ad, poster, animations, website, desktop and mobile app. I had a chance to worked for well known clients, such as Apple, L’Oreal, Nestle, Thomson Reuters, RHB, Prudential, etc.

I love design and art in general. So I started my carrer as graphic designer in 2008 and become digital product designer since 2016 till today. Trough all those years, I learn and extend my knowledge about design thinking, design leadership, user experience and basically build a useful and beautiful digital product.


I don’t have particular style in my design as I believe good design mean that the design should be able communicate certain objective and solve the problem correctly. I always approach new project with fresh perspective and new idea without have to stick with certain style.

In my spare time, I made ICONS, FONTS, and illustrations mostly just for fun.