Millions of people use this service to manage their tax and immigrations documents. Most of them are accessing the the website almost every time they need to travel to other countries. However, despite the popularity of their service many of them are had trouble navigating and operating trough it. Tigerspike London pursued this redesign as an opportunity to improve the experience.


There is two main objective from this design sprint:

  1. Improving the user experience and rework all information architecture without have to break the current user experience.
  2. Redesign the UI to have better looks and fresh layout along with their current branding

Understanding the business and their customers

We began our sprint with studying the business rules to unlock potential problem and challenge.

Success Criteria

We work together with developers, designers and business development to study their business rules and research that they had and then put it as our assumptions. We conduct few meetings with the client for validation.

We are doing this because the product is complicated and most of the team doesn’t have any experience with this kind of service before. So we conduct the workshop make sure that we have confident to create success criteria.

Identifying the problem

Based on our previous workshop, we found that the website have a lot of UI and UX issue. The following three issue is stood out the most:

  1. The website is not responsive and it’s almost impossible to access from the mobile
  2. User weren’t able to set up a schedule.
  3. There is too much form that user need to fill up in the on boarding section. This mostly block the user to continue explore the website, either they give up or they give it to HR to filling up the form for them.

Old Design

After we identify the problem we agree to step on to crack the problem no.2 and 3 for the first sprint.

User Persona and User Journey

I created a user persona and their journey when using the website for managing their travel . This is to visualise various aspects of their behaviour and motivations. This personas was roughly based on their previous research of their current customers.

User persona

We capture the pain point of the user journey from consideration, decision, traveling, and arrive in the new country. Each pain point will help us to mapping the main features from the upcoming new website.

Feature mapping

We doing a design workshop to gather ideas about what is the main features of the website, based on the pain point that we had before.

Each person need to find the best solutions that they can get from the existing product and presented to the team about their opinions.

Each team have a freedom to vote the best idea that they think is the best solution. We gather all the feedback and start doing rough wireframe in paper and present it again to the team. We doing this process until everyone in the room is happy, and then we move to another steps.

Redesign the Information Architecture

Most users were having trouble navigating through the current website. Therefore, in order to redesign better experience, we built the information architecture to make understand the structure.

Revised IA

The newly designed IA reduce the on boarding steps and improves the overall organization and navigation throughout the website.

Information Architecture

With this new IA, we encourage people to explore the website by simplify the on boarding process.

Instead of filling up all the informations right at the beginning and blocking them to get into the dashboard, we help them completing the form every time they log in or when the particular information is needed to complete certain task.

Ideation and Paper Prototyping

We sketched out possible solutions on paper for the main features before committing to high fidelity designs. This allowed us to look at the bigger picture and experimenting with different solution rather than focusing on design details.

On to Redesign

Here we begin the fun part! But, before we start to jump and throw all the colors and fonts, we need to do the last part of our first sprint. We are going to need to have design audit from the current website. We need to have comprehensive report of what went wrong from the current UI and how we can improve it.


Final Results

Currently the website is not following the design trend and accessibility standard. The look and feel is old and formal. So we create a new set of design guideline with fresh look but still in the new branding environment.


Key Takeouts

  1. Collaboration between client / product owner and the team is one of the key element to have outstanding result.
  2. UX design approach is flexible and can be adjusted within the situation or limitation that we face it.
  3. Having developer involve in the early stage of development is a helpful for UX and UI person to explore the possibility of the new features.

I had a blast doing this project and I hope you enjoyed reading about it too. If you think I did something well or something I can improve on, I would love to discuss it.

Thank you for reading!


UI Designer:
Istiko Rahadi