The schedule and dispatch console is a tool that allows dispatchers to assign tasks and manage technicians in the field.
This case study illustrates how we transformed a basic tool into a powerful features, ultimately making it one of Zinier's key selling points.

Lead Product Designer


Design research, user interview, design audit, design system, wireframing, high fidelity UI



The initial version of schedule and dispatch console was designed with legacy technology that come along with some technical constraint. The product team was aware of the necessity to update the design of Zinier's schedule and dispatch system. 
However, as Zinier acquired more clients, now it's perfect time for product team to revisit and enhance these features from user experience and technology.


01. Improve User Experience:

The goal of the design project is to enhance the overall user experience of the dispatch console, making it more intuitive and user-friendly for the users.

02. Streamline Workflows:

The design project aims to streamline internal workflows and processes of scheduling and dispatching technician.

Design process

Design Audit

We conduct a design audit to assess the current schedule and dispatch console and make note of our findings. We then use these findings to compare and validate them during user interviews and user observations.
Based on our design audit, here is some issue we found:
Dispatcher Daily Life Cycle

During user research, we engage in several activities with dispatcher such as interview and UAT, to understand their needs, problems, and their day to day activities.

We also observe their interactions with the Zinier dispatch console to have view of a dispatcher's daily life cycle to guide us in crafting the user experience for the new dispatch console, we also use this to observe pain point and how they interact with dispatch console.

Research Result

Based on our research, we have identified several key issues and needs that require immediate attention. Addressing these concerns hopefuly would significantly enhance the day-to-day work of dispatchers. These issues also are align with our own findings from the design audit.
In summary

1. the current dispatch console lacks real-time information from the field, making it challenging for dispatchers to efficiently assign tasks.

2. The dispatch console's user experience issues are causing slow scheduling and resulting in delays and inefficiencies


How can we improve the user experience to enable dispatchers to assign tasks to the correct technician more quickly and accurate?

Tackling UI problem, introducting new layout and components

As we have learned from our research, having a complete view of the technicians is crucial when dispatching tasks.

To address this, we have redesigned the console layout, placing a primary focus on the technician list and relocating other elements outside of the console.

Redesigning new task list

With this updated layout, we have transformed the task list from a table view into a more compact card view on the right side. While still maintaining visibility of essential information.

Real time data with satus updates for technician location, weather conditions, task progress, etc.

We have integrated the console with various APIs for weather information and the Zinier mobile app. This ensures dispatchers are well-informed about on-ground conditions.

With this informations dispatchers can make informed decisions when assigning tasks or addressing issues.

Additionally to support this statuses, we've introduced a range of icons, colors, and patterns to represent various statuses and conditions.

Better view with more flexible control

We're introducing a range of new features, including date control, a dedicated search function for technicians and tasks, collapsible task lists, and auto-scheduling capabilities.

While adding these functionalities, we've ensured that the technician schedule is still the main point on the dispatch console. We crafted the UI for colors, icons and margin to make sure is not overwhelming the dispatch console view. 

Before & After

Use the slider to see the transformation

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Scheduling Task to Technician

Scheduling task can be done by click on the calendar cell or
drag and drop from task list

Tasks in Map View

We've incorporated a map view that displays tasks at their specific geographical
points to give more realistic view of task locations

Dispatch Technician

We make dispatching technician much easier by utilising
task card pop-up with actionable button. 



Dispatch console was designed and build in 3 months and quickly become the main features from Zinier platform.

The console significantly enhances dispatcher efficiency and speed. Its new design is not only user-friendly but also come with minimal learning curve, thanks to the simple functionality making it easy to understand and use for existing or new user.

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