EY GlobalOne Platform redesign exploration

Product Design / UX & UI

Background and Objective

EY (Ernest and Young) is Advisory, Assurance, Tax, Transaction Services — that have been in the industry for 28 years. One of their tool for user manage this, is GlobalOne. Most of the user are accessing the EY GlobalOne when they need to travel to other countries.

However, despite the popularity of their service many of them are had trouble navigating and operating trough it. Tigerspike London pursued this redesign as an opportunity to improve the experience.

Design Objective
  1. Improving the overall user experience in the platform with minimum development effort.
  2. Redesign the UI to have better looks and fresh layout along with EY current branding.

Understanding EY Platform

I collaborate closely with developers, designers, and business development teams to thoroughly understand their business rules and how the platform works, which we then use as the foundation for our assumptions. We then conduct multiple client meetings to validate our assumptions.

We engage in this process because the product is complex, and many team members lack prior experience with this type of service. Therefore, we conduct workshops to ensure we had our own experience and understand how things works in the platform.

Key issue:

  1. The website is not responsive and it’s almost impossible to access from the mobile
  2. Some features is broken or not accessible without any information.
  3. There is too much form that user need to fill up in the on boarding section. This mostly block the user to continue explore the website, so some users just they give up and ask HR to filling up the form for them.

This is the existing EY GlobalOne platform before redesign.
There is 6 section need to complete before user able to start using the website :(

Understanding user needs and user problems

In collaboration with the client, we conducted user interviews with observation with several individuals to gain insight into their needs and challenges when interacting with the product.

I developed a user persona and mapped out their journey while using the EY website for managing their relocation abroad. This visualization allowed us to understand various aspects of the touch point, problems, and behaviour.



EY user journey when they using this platform to manage their move to travel to other country

Main Problem 

Our findings revealed that user frustration is consistent with our own experience from the previous research. We decided to focus on solving problem that might have high impact, as user said:

The onboarding process to EY GlobalOne is lengthy and time-consuming for users as the relocation process itself is already involves numerous tasks to handle.

As a result, many users find it more convenient to delegate these onboarding process with EY to someone else (HR or secretary.


We doing a design workshop to gather ideas about what is the main features of the website, based on the pain point that we had before.

Each person need to find the best solutions that they can get from the existing product and presented to the team about their opinions.


Look how busy we are :)

Each team have a freedom to vote the best idea that they think is the best solution. We gather all the feedback and start doing rough wireframe in paper and present it again to the team. We doing this process until everyone in the room is happy, and then we move to another steps.

Paper Prototyping

We sketched out possible solutions on paper for the main features before committing to high fidelity designs. This allowed us to look at the bigger picture and experimenting with different solution rather than focusing on design details.

Working on the solution

We come up with a lot of new idea for improvement, but our primary focus is on solutions that promise significant impact with minimal development effort, aiming for quick wins.

Our focus:

  1. Performing a design audit to identify and address broken design components in need of improvement.
  2. Streamlining the onboarding process by requesting only essential information and prompting for additional details during each user login.
  3. Suggesting enhancements to make the calendar more user-friendly and intuitive.
Design Audit

Design audit to identify and address broken design components in need of improvement.

New design system

We are proposing a new design system that aligns with the existing EY branding while enhancing the user interface to meet current standards.

New UI

Proposing new UI with new design system to make improve the user experience

Reduce the complexity of on-boarding

We streamline the onboarding process by customizing the questionnaire to match the user's preferences. When a user onboards for the first time, they select their intended actions, and the system dynamically adapts the questionnaire to display only the necessary.

Prompting additional information when log-in

We let user to on-board with the necessary information, but then we will prompt a reminder everytime user log-in to complete their informations. 

New Calendar

We let user to on-board with the necessary information, but then we will prompt a reminder everytime user log-in to complete their informations. 

Additionaly we also redesign the whole page to be more modern and clean with our new design system.

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