TravelFX from RHB Bank

Designing app for one of the biggest bank in south east asia


RHB as one of the biggest bank in region was looking for a solution to build an app that would give customer freedom and flexibility to to change FX whatever their want. The overall design process took about 3 months. We started with customer research, design guideline, design system and final products.


Tigerspike Singapore


The app is available at Google Play and App Store


When traveling overseas, shopping is one of the most favourite activity for many people and sometimes you can spend a lot of money. But bringing too much cash is not practical anymore. RHB as one of the biggest bank in Singapore have solution for people who are going travelling overseas by automate convert the currency with the best rates and act as local card.


The design is clean to emphasis the content rather than flashy visual treatment, using only 2 colors and bold typography.

We pick Chivo as the main font because this  typeface are really goood presenting number in any scales.

Style Guide:

RHB Style Guide v2.png


When user open the app. They will landing in the dashboard that would show the currency exchange and the records of the rates in certain time frame. The user experience is to make sure understand to navigate without any learning curve.

The currency name and the button is big and colourful against white background.



The app is also have feature to detect user current location and suggest for the best rates today. Therefor user doesn’t have to worried to find money changers when they arrieved in the destination.


There is also a feature in the app where you can set alert for currency rate. It would help user to get the best rate that they are looking for.

Rate Alert



One of the insight that we had during the discovery is that most of the user want to have transaction history. Many people think this feature is very helpful to make sure that they can track every money they spent when travelling.

Every transactions using RHB card would be visible in this page. They can also filtered by dates, currencies, and type of transactions.



This features would help user to find the nearest ATM that is supported with RHB card.



The app is not just currency exchange monitor. But also have all features to make your holiday experience is more fun and relax.



The app is available at Google Play and App Store

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