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Creating concept of an intelligence dashboard

Experience Definition process to create concept of an smart dashboard that would combine Thomson Reuters data with financial data from bank. This multiple data combine with algorithm-based platform create intelligence dashboard that would improve the efficiency and productivity of relationship managers daily work.


In the financial world, world events could effect financial markets and global economy. Thomson Reuters is a company that provide answers and insight for business and financial decisions. One of their main user is risk manager.


Risk manager is a person who work with company or individual to asses and identify the potential risk for their client asset.

Risk manager job is highly analytical and a large part of their time is conducting detail risk assessments. This process involves analysing documents, statistics, reports and market trends.


I began right after kick-off meeting with ethnographic research to get a better understanding what kind of the goals and information this dashboard will be handling. I started to have interviews with risk managers to learn their workflow and obstacles. One of my key findings is risk managers spent nearly 40% of their working hours to collect and analyse information before sending it to their clients.


I also went to have a more detailed research by recording risk manager activities from the morning until the end of the day.

I wanted to understand how they handle their times between analysing the trend market to their clients. The result helps me to shape the idea and list down the key features for the dashboard.

Based on the ethnographic research and interview with risk managers, I found out that 40% of their times sometimes is only to collect and analyse informations from hundred of news and reports in Thomson Reuters dashboard.

Basically what they did is summarise each reports and then create a suggestion for their client. (Buy or sell stock) put it on PDF / email and send it to client

This process sometimes even takes time when they handling different clients with different assets.

“Intelligence dashboard is needed to provide better answer and automate some tasks to improve their productivity.”


To solve this problem, we had white board session to discuss the features and user flow with their engineer team. This is to make sure that the dashboard is possible to build with the current technology that they have.

We created low fidelity wireframe and build small prototype. We tested the wireframe on real user. In this usability testing we give a certain task for the subject to do it on paper and ask their opinions and feedback afterwards. We write down the blockers and mark the success factors.



The dashboard increased efficiency and accuracy of risk manager. The platform have helped them to have better analysis market for their clients. Backed up by comprehensive data and curated news summary, the risk manager is more confident when giving their clients their recommendation.

The dashboard was well received by the Thomson Reuters sales teams and is being demonstrated across Asia in a regional roadshow.


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